Monthly Archive: July, 2013

New Order: Low-Life

Out of all the albums New Order has released this one remains my sentimental, if not my critical, favorite. It’s not the first New Order album I heard (that would be Power Corruption… Continue reading

The New Vinyl Villain Is Up!

The blogosphere is full with sub-par and amateurish music blogs (stop yer finger pointing!~), so when you find one you like, a good one,  you tend to stick by it. Sometimes you visit… Continue reading

Different Class: Deluxe Edition

DAMN this Deluxe Edition of Pulp’s Different Class album is gorgeous!! It’s a double gateford, ultra high gloss, with embossed letters and graphics on the cover, and a classy silver typeface. Gorgeous, man!… Continue reading

Uncle E’s Top 100 Albums: #47, Nilsson Schmilsson

Billy Joel would have given his right nut (and probably a majority of his left, too) to write a song as brilliantly simple as Gotta Get Up, the song that kicks off the… Continue reading

Queen Is 40!

It is hard to believe, but Queen released their debut album 40 years ago this month. More than any band I know, Queen is remembered for their singles more than their albums (how… Continue reading

Muswell Hillbillies

I am not only a huge fan of the Kinks I am also a gigantic fan of their Deluxe Edition campaign, which started, I believe, in 2011 and focused solely on their ’60’s… Continue reading

“I hear you’ve got a new girlfriend, how’s the wife taking it?”

As the 1,468 posts on this and the original Google Blogspot Uncle E’s Musical Nightmares may suggest, I like music. No, that’s not the whole enchilada, I should expand on that: I dig… Continue reading

Proud To Be (Part) Canadian

Indulge me, if you will, while I spew out a little missive on Canadian National Pride, the lack thereof and my own experiences with this affliction.  Unless you’re Canadian, or part Canadian (like… Continue reading

Win The Chance To Meet Roger Waters!

Why? I like RW as much as the next guy, but I cannot imagine sitting down and chatting with the dude would end in anything but tears and anger. Masochists apply by clicking… Continue reading

The Best (15) Albums Of 2013, So Far…and a few others

6 months into 2013 already, which means it’s time to compile what I believe to be the best album releases of the year, thus far. The “terrible” year I thought it was going… Continue reading