New Order: Low-Life

new-order-low-life-frontOut of all the albums New Order has released this one remains my sentimental, if not my critical, favorite. It’s not the first New Order album I heard (that would be Power Corruption and Lies), but it’s the one where I became a fan. Critics are quick to point out that it is New Order’s most dated album and most beholden to the decade’s technology. I say, so what? Low-Life contains some of the very best of New Order, like Love Vigilantes, Sub Culture and The Perfect Kiss, perfect dance floor fillers that remain thrilling to this very day. Dig Deeper and you’ll find there are other gems as well: Eligia (the deluxe edition has the full 17 minute version, which is stunning!), this time of night and a Face Up, which happens to be a personal favorite of mine.

Their inclusion in John Hughes’ movies notwithstanding, the songs on Low-Life remain perfect little examples of how powerful the band was when they perfected their “alternative rock/techno crossover” formula.

The video below, the official 10 minute version, is in my opinion the best video of the 1980’s, without question.