Queen Is 40!

queen2It is hard to believe, but Queen released their debut album 40 years ago this month. More than any band I know, Queen is remembered for their singles more than their albums (how many Greatest Hits albums are out there? Almost as many as The Who!), and that is a shame, because as wonderful as those individual hit songs were/are, their album tracks, in my opinion, are better. Interesting to note that out of the 35 tracks listed below May has 13 (38%), Mercury 9 (26%), drummer Roger Taylor has 7 (20%) and bassist Deacon has a mere 5 (14%). May’s songs have always been my favorites, and I think the reason Deacon’s totals are so low is probably due to the fact he didn’t start writing until much later and that once he did he tended to pen the gigantic hits (Another One Bites The Duct, You’re My Best Friend, etc). You’ll also notice that I ended with Hot Space. While the return to roots follow up The Works had some great hits (Radio Ga Ga, I Want To Be Free) I feel the album tracks lack much originality.

Here is my alternate universe “Best Of Queen” Double CD track listing:

Disk I

Doin’ All Right (May) (From Queen I)

Great King Rat (Mercury) (From Queen I)

Liar (Mercury) (From Queen I)

The Night Comes Down (May) (From Queen I)

Father To Son (May) (From Queen II)

Some Day One Day (May) (From Queen II)

Ogre battle (Mercury) (From Queen II)

March Of The Black Queen (Mercury) (From Queen II)

Funny How Love Is (Mercury) (From Queen II)

Brighton Rock (May) (From Sheer Heart Attack)

Tenement Funster (Taylor) (From Sheer Heart Attack)

Now I’m Here (May) (From Sheer Heart Attack)

Stone Cold Crazy (Deacon/May/Mercury/Taylor) (From Sheer Heart Attack)

Misfire (Deacon) (From Sheer Heart Attack)

Death On Two Legs (Mercury) (From A Night At The Opera)

’39 (May) (From A Night At The Opera)

The Prophet’s Song (May) (From A Night At The Opera)

Disc II

 Good Company (May) (From A Night At The Opera)

The Millionaire Waltz (Mercury) (From A Day at The Races)

You and I (Deacon) (From A Day at The Races)

Drowse (Taylor) (From A Day at The Races)

Sheer Heart Attack (Taylor) (From News Of The World)

All Dead All Dead (May) (From News Of The World)

Fight From The Inside (Taylor) (From News Of The World)

Sleeping On The Sidewalk (May) (From News Of The World)

Mustapha (Mercury) (From Jazz)

In Only Seven Days (Deacon) (From Jazz)

Dreamer’s Ball (May) (From Jazz)

Fun It (Taylor) (From Jazz)

Dragon Attack (May) (From The Game)

Need Your Loving Tonight (Deacon) (From The Game)

Rock It (Prime Jive) (Taylor) (From The Game)

Coming Soon (Mercury) (From The Game)

Back Chat (Deacon) (From Hot Space)

Action This Day (Taylor) (From Hot Space)