Monthly Archive: May, 2011

Power Pop

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! It’s been raining here in Northern California for, oh I don’t know, maybe 780 days in a row and I need a little musical pick-me-up. Tried Dylan, Blood On… Continue reading

A few thoughts on a few friends

And now for a long overdue shout out to some of the best reads on the web. Most are music related, others are more eclectic in their subject matter. They all deserve your… Continue reading

Some Thoughts On The Mix-Tape

Ah, the mix-tape. Remember those? C30, C60.C90 (my personal fave) and, near the end, C120. I spent countless hours making mix-tapes; for my friends and for myself. The planning of a mix-tape was… Continue reading

Stealin’ from the internet

Just ’cause time is precious and in short supply nowadays, I’m going to, every once in a while, steal a post from other sources and publish it here on The Nightmare. Of course… Continue reading

“Stop wearing my tee-shirt, Grandpa!”

Excerpt from A ‘Nightmare’ post, dated JANUARY 3, 2008: “So, here’s the thing. I’ll be turning 40 in February, and it got me thinking; at what age does one, SHOULD ONE, stop listening… Continue reading

Are You A Music Snob? Take the test and find out…

Hi! And welcome to Uncle E’s “Are You a Music Snob?” test. I’ll be using advanced logic and some gut-wrenching questions to determine if you are, indeed, a true music snob of the… Continue reading

“Weasels Ripped My Flesh”, being one example…

Album covers are the “icon” that identifies the music within. Think about your favorite album and the album cover rushes into your brain. When it’s done right the album cover represents the music;… Continue reading

Wilco (The Review)

Wilco has an odd discography. Back in 2004 I picked up “A Ghost Is Born” on a whim after reading a positive review somewhere or other, and because I thought the egg-cover was… Continue reading

“I hate you, and I hate your stupid ass-face!!”

NPR’s All Songs Considered recently asked their readers to describe their worst breakups. Not with romantic partners but rather with former fave artists or bands. Bands who ‘jumped the shark’, for them, so… Continue reading

Labour Of Lust A Little Lacking

I’m a little cheesed off about the recent reissue of Nick Lowe’s Labour Of Lust. No offense to Yep Roc, who are saints for having Nick, Sloan, Madness and a host of other… Continue reading