“Stop wearing my tee-shirt, Grandpa!”

Excerpt from A ‘Nightmare’ post, dated JANUARY 3, 2008:

“So, here’s the thing.

I’ll be turning 40 in February, and it got me thinking; at what age does one, SHOULD ONE, stop listening to ‘new’ music?

Is my passion to discover new bands going to wither away like my eyesight or is my interest going to continue to expand like my once 32 inch waistline did?

When I was 20 there was nothing more pathetic than seeing a ‘middle aged guy’ blaring AC/DC in his Volkswagon Jetta, OR seeing some ageing hipster with a grey ponytail wearing a “Neds Atomic Dustbin” tee shirt under his brown, corduroy sports coat. When you’re an arrogant little punk in your teens or early 20’s, you think that music, really good kick-ass subversive rock & roll music, should be reserved for the ears of youth. Do I resign myself to listening only to the tried and true standard bands and albums from my past?”

My answer back then was a resounding ‘YES’. Today, this afternoon, it’s a humble ‘no’. I don’t have the patience, the resources or the time to do the kind of research I once did. Plus I get really pissed off when I buy a clunker, which is more often than I’d like. Should something great come my way by accident, I’ll surely take it. However, to seek out the new stuff…nah. Consider me semi-retired.