“I hate you, and I hate your stupid ass-face!!”

NPR’s All Songs Considered recently asked their readers to describe their worst breakups. Not with romantic partners but rather with former fave artists or bands. Bands who ‘jumped the shark’, for them, so to speak.

Here’s an excerpt:
“(some) felt that they and their beloved artists had simply grown apart — like David Warshauer, who says he hasn’t been moved by Elvis Costello since the late ’80s, when the original “angry young man” ditched his band The Attractions, signed to Warner Brothers, and kicked off an eclectic new chapter in his career. “All of [Costello’s] genre exercises show off his record collection, but the personal voice that spoke to me isn’t there,” writes Warshauer.” Maybe because he really isn’t angry anymore, and neither am I.”

…and if anyone reading this needs an excuse to loathe Jimmy Buffet, the following should clinch it for you:

“When I was in college in 1977, I was concert committee chair at the University of KY. One of my favorite artists, Jimmy Buffett, came to town, and I couldn’t have been more excited. I was working stage crew when he showed up to assess progress. He took one look at me (the only female there) and let loose a whole string of expletives about how he didn’t want a ?$*#@ woman touching his stuff. He went to our faculty supervisor and had me pulled off the set-up. I went straight to the dorm, broke my Buffett albums in two, and have never listened to him again.”

So…who did you break up with, and why? Occasional booty calls notwithstanding, of course.