Labour Of Lust A Little Lacking

I’m a little cheesed off about the recent reissue of Nick Lowe’s Labour Of Lust. No offense to Yep Roc, who are saints for having Nick, Sloan, Madness and a host of other great acts on their roster, and who support said artists with aggressive marketing campaigns and, usually, great packaging.

I’ve been looking forward to the re-release of Labour Of Lust for a couple of years, and when it arrived I was quite under whelmed. I can’t argue about the tunes, or the better sound (as compared to my crappy sounding MP3’s); it’s the lackluster package and the (almost) complete lack of extras. One “bonus” track, a thin booklet which took all of 45 seconds to read, and a case (can’t recall what they call the new cardboard format—I generally like it better than the jewel cases, though…) that’s thin and unsubstantial.

I don’t know about you, but I expect a little more for my money nowadays, and this doesn’t cut it. They could have included a DVD of the documentary of the making of the album, “Born Fighter”, or even an extra CD of a live show from around that time. There could be licensing issues on the former, but I know Lowe toured the album and there’s gotta be a few recordings in a shoebox somewhere. In this age where hard copy sales are sinking into the abyss you’d think the fine folks who run these labels would want to retain us die hards.

Most “bonus” material is garbage, yes; but let me be the judge of that, will ya?