A few thoughts on a few friends

And now for a long overdue shout out to some of the best reads on the web. Most are music related, others are more eclectic in their subject matter. They all deserve your eyeball attention, so click on the links and become loyal readers.

A Dose Of Pop: Pop culture news and reviews with a sense of humor and exceptional taste. Of special interest is their “Idiot’s Guide To…”, with various forgotten artists’ catalogs being critically reevaluated and ranked.

Bleedin’ Out: A fiercely independent and opinionated punk rocker, whose entire life is presented in as scatological a fashion as one would expect from an anarchist trying to make it in this ugly world. One of the most polarizing blogs on the inter-web!

Dispatches From The Away Dad Nation: Pal Hal and his heartfelt observations on family, his work as a helicopter pilot, and his time away from home. No topic is off limits, and he’s a brilliant writer. Check out his other blog, Partly Fiction, for emphatic proof of his writing prowess.

The-blog-formerly –known-as-never-get-out-of-the-boat, now entitled Willard’s Wormholes: Rare tuneage, movies, but pretty much devoid of criticism. He leaves that up to you. Sorry it took me so long to change my link, Willard!

Spatula Forum: A blog maintained by an American journalist living and working in Australia (UPDATE: NEW ZEALAND!) Sorry, Nik…). Comics, music, movies, books. A man after my own heart.

Surface Tension: Another journalist, but with a bit of a dark side. Had the pleasure of working with Thom for a few years and he is one talented mo-fo. Opinions abound, in addition to some really cutting edge short fiction. When you go visit, say hi from Uncle E!

The Song In My Head Today: Ah, Holly. Kinks fanatic, Nick Lowe lover (not in the biblical sense), Joe Jackson, Robyn Hitchcock and Graham Parker fanatic. And all the better for it! Holly usually focuses on in-depth analysis, while interjecting personal opnion here and there. She’s a very entertaining read, but lately has been less than prolific. Go to her site and DEMAND she get back on the horse!