Monthly Archive: November, 2012

Know Your Album Covers

I know album covers don’t mean much nowadays, but back in the day (hold on, let me adjust the tennis balls on the legs of my walker) they mattered almost as much as… Continue reading


Is Anybody Listening? Wouldn’t the world would be a better place had some overrated artists never existed at all? And wouldn’t the world be a better place as well had some of our… Continue reading

The Pixies

In 1993, when I was 25 years old, I decided to move from eastern Canada to San Diego, California. I was already an American born dude living in The Great White North, so… Continue reading

Fun With Lists!

It should be obvious to anyone who has ever read this blog that I love lists. Best albums by year, by genre, by band (ranked), etc. I like to bitch about other people’s… Continue reading

Animal Collective

Yes, I’m thick as a brick. I remain a very opinionated fan of popular music, but that’s not to say I am above reevaluating certain bands that, upon a few listens, I write… Continue reading

An Amazon Fist Fight

Boy things can take an ugly turn for those brave enough to give a weak review to an album over at Amazon. The following is one of those conversations, on a review of… Continue reading

Point/Counterpoint: The Eagles

Yet another installment of ‘Point/Counterpoint’, with Sylvia and Todd. “Man, come on! I hate the f*#kin’ Eagles!”—The DUDE Todd: We’ve finally come to The Eagles, eh Sylv? We’ve been together now for, what,… Continue reading

News Of The Weird, 2012: Music Edition

Tommy “The Southie Mole Man” Shaw (former STYX guitarist/singer/songwriter) has spent the most of the last 25 years compulsively digging elaborate tunnels underneath his home in east Boston. Shaw disappeared from the scene… Continue reading

Is It Really That Great? Really?

Marquee Moon By Television Original Release Date: 1977 Allmusic Rating: 5 Stars (Perfect) Pitchfork Rating: 10/10 Amazon Average Rating: 4.5/5 (175 ratings) Is it perfect? Why, yes I believe it is, but I… Continue reading

The Revolution Will Not Be Digitalized, Part Deux

Ok, so just a quick one here. There’s a wonderful blog called Every Record Tells a Story, and the steward of the blog is a proponent of vinyl and has excellent taste in… Continue reading