Know Your Album Covers

I know album covers don’t mean much nowadays, but back in the day (hold on, let me adjust the tennis balls on the legs of my walker) they mattered almost as much as the music itself. And once upon a time I deluded myself by actually believing that I could accurately guess the contents of an album by simply studying the cover. Of course that got me into some big doggie doo-doo. But I’m going to give it a try with some albums I haven’t heard and then check back with allmusic, or Pitchfork, and let you know how I did. Here we go:

David Byrne and St. Vincent: This is cheating a bit as everyone is very familiar with Byrne’s style, but I will guess that the album contains some sort of skewed ambient world music, and the garb these two are wearing would suggest a bit of classical. I highly doubt geetars are a focus. Artsy fartsy.

Allmusic states: “Lead single “Who” sets the tone for the rest of the album, giving equal time to their vocals and world-questioning perspectives and spiking them with jagged guitar and arty brass arrangements.”


The Sheepdogs, self titled: I have never heard of these guys before, but it looks like these guys are from Brantford, Ontario, home of Wayne Gretsky and stronghold of ‘70’s classic rock. Psychedelic, pastoral and maybe even a bit of jam-band to them. Retro to the max.

Allmusic states: “The Sheepdogs‘ first big break came in the summer of 2011, when the hard-touring Canadian band won a contest that put them on the cover of Rolling Stone, the first time the magazine had put an unsigned act on the front page. That’s more than fitting, since the band’s music and style harken back to a time when most rock groups dreamed of someday gracing that magazine’s cover; the Sheepdogs‘ self-titled major-label debut is an easygoing but hard-grooving set of boogie rock that would have sounded fine pouring out of dorm room stereos and/or 8-track tape decks in 1974.”

Canadian! Knew it! Not bad, not bad…