Monthly Archive: October, 2011

Uncle E’s Top 10 Horror Flicks

Nosferatu This has gotta be #1. Is anyone more frightening than Max Schreck in this 1922 expressionist horror flick? A variation on the Dracula theme, this subtitled, black and white wonder (and all… Continue reading

Albums For A Rainy Day, Round II

“Rainy day people always seem to know when it’s time to call Rainy day people don’t talk, they just listen till they’ve heard it all.”—G Lightfoot I’m a rainy day person. I love… Continue reading

Bloated Crap or Sprawling Masterpiece?

Tusk, by Fleetwood Mac. The Final Cut, by Pink Floyd. Jazz, by Queen. Phantasmagoria, by the Damned. The Great Rock & Roll Swindle, by The Sex Pistols. Out Of The Blue, by E.L.O.… Continue reading

Robyn Hitchcock: Jewels For Sophia

Robyn Hitchcock Jewels For Sophia 1999 Here’s a weird one. I was in a local record store that was downsizing and asked to look through a box of used cd’s, hoping I’d find… Continue reading

Jann Wenner is a soulless hippie!

For your consideration, here are the nominees for the 2012 Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame… Beastie Boys The Cure Donovan Eric B. & Rakim Guns ‘N Roses Heart Joan Jett and The… Continue reading

…and now for something completely different

After 731 posts, mostly about music or music related topics, I’ve reached a point where I feel the need to branch out a bit and offer some opinions/stupidity on other aspects of popular… Continue reading

Wilco: The Whole Love

An experience that’s extremely rare for me lately–expectations fulfilled. You know, that moment when you eagerly await a new release by a band you love or formerly loved, and it turns out to… Continue reading

Yet another quick one, while I’m away…

Why can’t I own a Canadian?

In her radio show, Dr Laura Schlesinger said that, as an observant Orthodox Jew, homosexuality is an abomination according to Leviticus 18:22, and cannot be condoned under any circumstance. The following response is… Continue reading

The Absolute Best Albums Of 1991

So the baby new year of 1991 is 20 years old, eh? A lot of nostalgia for this old year, a year I’m awfully fond of. Perhaps not on a par with years… Continue reading