…and now for something completely different

After 731 posts, mostly about music or music related topics, I’ve reached a point where I feel the need to branch out a bit and offer some opinions/stupidity on other aspects of popular culture. Movies, television, books, maybe even a diatribe or two on some influential comics…oh, excuse me…graphic novels and magazines.

In many ways television, comics and books are intrinsically tied together. Diversions, all, I think you’d agree, and like music the good ‘uns stick with you for life.

Below you’ll find a list of just a few of my favorites in the above categories. Some old, some new…

Movies: Blue Velvet (anything by David Lynch could apply, actually), Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Bladerunner, PLanet Of The Apes (original) and Waiting For Guffman

Comics and/or Graphic Novels: E.C. Comics (Tales from the Crypt, MAD—when it was a $.10 comic book–Weird Science and Blazing Combat, all from the 1950’s) and The Dark Night and Watchmen from the ‘80’s.

Books: Stephen King prior to 1990, F. Paul Wilson, anything by Hunter Thompson.

Television: Taxi, WKRP In Cincinnati, Bob Newhart Show, Smothers Brothers; SCTV, Breaking Bad.