Monthly Archive: December, 2010


God I miss second hand record shops. Those lazy afternoons flipping through endless rows of pristine and not-so-pristine vinyl while two hairy dudes at the other end of the store fight over who’s… Continue reading


I’ve been feeling a little bad about this year’s “Best Of” list, if you can even call it that. I’ve read what seems like hundreds of these lists over the last few weeks… Continue reading

A rogue’s gallery of divine deviance

Rock doesn’t always need to be “deep”. It’s necessary, sometimes, to stay in the shallow sewers and soak yourself in puerile, good old-fashioned sleaze. And sometimes it’s simply about celebrating being young, going… Continue reading

Music News Of The Weird: U.K. Edition

Once again, the prolific Mr. Haines! Cerne (Switzerland) New research project for Halon Collider. Following their ground-breaking work attempting to make one piece of incredibly small matter smash into another similarly minute particle,… Continue reading

Cool Britannia

So here we go! A fellow by the name of Nick Haines, famous now for his tete-a-tete with Philbert in the comment section emailed me with a request to do the odd post… Continue reading

Year End Wrap-Up

What a totally odd year it’s been. As some of you may be aware I work in the newspaper industry; on the advertising side, not editorial (“well, DUH!”), and while we had a… Continue reading

He’s got a good point, but his hair covers most of it

From POPMATTERS.COM… …the love letters that baby boomers send to themselves to remind themselves that everything was better when they were young: the relationships, the culture, and most certainly the music. It’d be… Continue reading

John Lennon Shot Dead: “It was 30 years ago today…”

Still sad…

E.C. Comics and MAD Magazine

Just to switch things up a bit, let’s talk about MAD comics, and let’s take it from the top. I’ll abbreviate the early history so you don’t get too bored. Promise. A fellow… Continue reading

Comments Hall Of Fame, Entry #II

One of the most satisfying and rewarding parts of maintaining a blog like this are the comments. People who feel strongly about their music are usually not afraid to voice their opinion, a… Continue reading