I’ve been feeling a little bad about this year’s “Best Of” list, if you can even call it that. I’ve read what seems like hundreds of these lists over the last few weeks and it seems everyone had a much easier and more satisfactory year, new music wise, than I did. My list paled in comparison, but at least it was honest. I really and truly thought that the majority of stuff that was released was pure horse shit. I think, in ten year’s time, that I might still be listening to three of these. Feels like 1986, or 1992, all over again!

Disclaimer #1: No, I haven’t heard all 8,000 albums released this year. I’ve heard somewhere between 60 and 70 of them, 65 of which were reissues, which makes me at least 99% likely to be wrong and somewhat obsolete. But hey, this isn’t math class, and I make no claims to objectivity. The albums I chose are my favorites from 2010. You might think that the one you’ve heard that I haven’t heard is the best album of 2010. And you might be right. But probably not.

Disclaimer #2: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just get it out of your system now and be done with it. I am deliberately trying not to be obscure. Who the hell has even heard of these people on the Pitchfork lists? I am a sell-out who includes ridiculously well-known artists such as Bob Dylan, LCD Soundsystem and Paul Weller on his list. Who the hell actually believes that Bob Dylan could make the best album of the year when he’s, like, 87 years old, or Paul Weller when he’s, like, 82? Even Murpy over at LCD Headquarters is in his 40’s. And most of the stuff I really enjoyed listening to this year came out at least 3 decades ago. At least! So go ahead and vent, then read Disclaimer #1 again.

Disclaimer #3: Factoring in cultural relevance, innovation, and aesthetic impact, I eventually throw up my hands in despair and use the only objective measure I know to evaluate music. I figure that if I play it a lot, I probably like it. The albums I chose are the albums that have spent the most time in the CD player and blasting over the iPod earbuds this year. I’m too old, too jaded and too set in my ways to analyze it any other way.