Monthly Archive: December, 2008

Music News Of The Weird 2008 Edition

T’was a bizarre year. Here are just a few of the more bizarre stories that caught my interest this year. There were a bunch of others, but these were the weirdest. What do… Continue reading

“Here’s Why I Did What I Did” By Andy Whitman

Andy Whitman, one of my favorite rock writers from Paste magazine recently, as every other critic around this time does, gave us his top 10 albums of 2008. That’s not the part that caught my… Continue reading

Sgt. Peppers Much Maligned Lonley Hearts Club Band

When this album came out in 1967 it was blaring from every soundsystem from London to San Diego and it blew the doors off everything that came before it. Albums were thought of… Continue reading

Something Smells Kinda Funky

From the archives… Nothing gets my blood boilin’ like some really good FUNK music. That strong, complex rhythmic groove of the drums and bass, the scratchy guitar, the horny horn section and the soulful and… Continue reading

Punk Rock Girl

From the archives… I’ve been thinking. I know, a dangerous thing, especially for one who maintains a blog on the W.W.W. and updates it on a regular basis. But I can’t help it;… Continue reading

QUEEN: Let Them Entertain You

…more from the archives of Uncle E… I am officially putting my rock snob credentials in jeopardy by admitting that I have always been, and will always remain, a huge QUEEN fan. Wait!… Continue reading

So You Say You Want A Revolution?

…from the archives… Perhaps a better question would be, “Should rock music try to make a difference?” God knows it tries. Is it, though, out of guilt? Are millionaire rock stars like Bono… Continue reading

Damned Damned Damned

Damn The Damned were a damn fine band! Like I said in the prior post I downloaded Smash It Up: The Damned Anthology, and now I’m afraid I’ll have to delve into their… Continue reading

The Aftermath

Even with a smaller cache of cash this season it turned out to be another really great Christmas day!  After the kids (who, gloriously, let us sleep in until 8am) tore open their… Continue reading

Merry Christmas!