The Aftermath

robotEven with a smaller cache of cash this season it turned out to be another really great Christmas day!  After the kids (who, gloriously, let us sleep in until 8am) tore open their gifts and mommy and your very own Uncle E filled trash bags with wrapping paper and packing snow, I took my gifts and crawled into the computer room to take inventory.

The girls made me my favorite gifts of the day, ceramics that they made at school and some homemade ornaments for the tree. Better than gold.

The music I got was a grab bag of goodness. Guilty pleasures ‘Silk Degrees’ by Boz Scaggs & Sniff N The Tears ‘Fickle Heart’, The Damned anthology ‘Smash It Up’ and the new Deerhunter long player, which is absolutely fantastic.

Also received the new Batman feature The Dark Night, which as soon as I can get the kids down to bed I’ll throw on; all in all a wonderful time with the family.

Hope you all had just as fantastic a day!