Damned Damned Damned

damnedDamn The Damned were a damn fine band!

Like I said in the prior post I downloaded Smash It Up: The Damned Anthology, and now I’m afraid I’ll have to delve into their back catalogue a litle more. I’ll need to start with the debut, of course. 30 minutes of powerful 70’s punk rock. They stood out among the “Class Of ’77” not only because they were the first so called punk band to release a single and an album in Britain, but rather due to the following: they left the political sloganeering to the Clash and the social angst to the Sex Pistols. These guys were just out to make some good old fashioned rock and roll, played fast, never taking themselves too seriously.

I guess that’s the difference a few years can make, eh? Back then they were a good punk band; today, listening with older ears, they’re just a very fine old fashioned rock and roll band. The first album, Damned Damned Damned was produced by Nick Lowe and released on, I think, the infamous Stiff Records, which would certainly make sense as Nick was house producer for that label. As a matter of fact a lot of these early songs have a similar feel to Nick’s Heart Of The City, insomuch as the fact that they are pure balls out rock and roll.  Those of you out there in the know please fill me in on whether or not this is the case, please. It contained the classics New Rose, Neat Neat Neat and ends with a fine cover of the Stooges I feel Alright.

After that classic I’ll dig into Machine Gun Etiquette, Strawberries and perhaps even The Black Album (but only if I’m feeling cheeky!). Anything before their goth phase, if you please!

Anyway, if you haven’t checked these guys out for a while I would highly recommend it. They’re often forgotten when the subject of great 70’s bands comes up and there’s no reason for it. They were terrific.

Here’s the promo video for New Rose, a classic!