Music News Of The Weird 2008 Edition

rick-astleyT’was a bizarre year. Here are just a few of the more bizarre stories that caught my interest this year. There were a bunch of others, but these were the weirdest. What do you think? Also, on a side note, I never would’ve imained that I would be in need of an image of freakin’ Rick Astley for one of my postings, but there it is!

A Homeless man in England,  Anthony Silva,  claimed a £2,000 reward after finding the wax head of Sir Paul McCartney in a trash can at a train station. The rendition of the former Beatles man’s head was left on a train by Joby Carter, who had been transporting it to be auctioned


Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Chinese Democracy’, the most expensive album ever made, took 14 years to complete, at an estimated cost of $13 million. Bizarrely, some of that money went on building a giant chicken coop for guitarist Buckethead, who refused to perform without one.


In 2008 Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty delighted paparazzi by joining forces for a number of nights on the town. Their antics climaxed with the pair recording a web video in which Winehouse played with a box of baby mice. The ‘Rehab’ singer held up one of the rodents and used it to plead with her jailed husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, not to divorce her.


P Diddy confessed this year to an unusual phobia: he is terrified of long second toes. The fear was revealed when he appeared on a US TV show and was unable to look at fellow guest Kate Beckinsale’s feet. When pressed, Diddy confessed: “I have this foot thing. I really fear a long second toe.”


It was reported earlier this year that emo culture could be on the verge of being outlawed in Russia. Legislation was presented at a hearing held by the State Duma, where critics claimed that the “negative” emo culture encouraged anti-social behaviour. Emo kids were described as teenagers who wear black, have facial piercings and black hair with fringes that “cover half the face”.


Madonna banned US Vice-Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin from her gigs – and at one show in Meadowlands, New Jersey (October 4) regaled the crowd with a baffling ‘joke’ at the expense of the Alaska governor. “Here’s the sound of Sarah Palin’s husband’s snowmobile when it won’t start,” said the singer, before making a screeching noise.


The online phenomenon of ‘Rickrolling’ – where purportedly serious links actually take users to YouTube clips of Rick Astley’s videos – reached a bizarre conclusion when the 80s singer was named ‘Best Act Ever’ at the European Music Awards in Liverpool, November 6. Sadly, Astley did not turn up to receive his award.