Monthly Archive: November, 2010

File Under: “It’s About Effin Time!!”

From “To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Primal Scream‘s dance-rock masterpiece Screamadelica, there’s a massive deluxe set afoot. The Collector’s Edition is out March 7 via Creation and includes four CDs filled… Continue reading

Welcome, my friends, to the show that never ends

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. My sincere apologies to all who visit this blog with the hopes… Continue reading

Best Albums Of 2010

Ah, 2010. A sad year for albums, I’m afraid. Like the election two years ago, extreme optimism has turned into deep disappointment. Is the first year of a new decade always like this… Continue reading

Can You Dig It, Crusoe?

“Are you aware? Do you care? Are you hip, to the flip side of censorship?”  You’re stranded on a desert island. You build a generator out of coconuts, palm leaves and an old… Continue reading

The Dude Abides: Jesus Of Cool Redux

As some of you have noticed I’ve used my blogging time of late to release my pent-up angst and aggression over my computer problems and my newfound hatred for iTunes, MP3’s and the… Continue reading

This Revolution Will Not Be Televised

There’s revolution in the air, I can feel it. Not a political revolution, per se, although I suppose one could make the connection. No, it shall be a revolution against all things digital… Continue reading

“You are a big, sloppy mess that doesn’t deserve a decent burial”

A nice rant by “jon” over at the Vinyl District: Welcome to Reality I’ve been spending so much time detailing about the wondrousness of moi that I decided to turn my sights toward… Continue reading