Monthly Archive: February, 2009

A Musical Hat Trick!

Bruce Springsteen said in a recent Rolling Stone (UG!) article that he’ll put ‘The Rising’, ‘Magic’ and his new album against any other three consecutive records he’s made to date. This post was… Continue reading

Did These Albums Change My Life? Well, probably not, but…

…they did have a great impact and have stayed with me a lot of years. I was “tagged” on facebook by both Philbert and Thom G and since I’m not a veteran user… Continue reading

Struttin’ & Swaggin’

SWAGGER: To walk or conduct oneself with an insolent or arrogant air; strut; braggadocio. Listening to Urge Overkill’s masterful 1993 album “Saturation” I come to the realization that I need a little more… Continue reading

Revolution 1 (Take 20)

The fine folks over at NEVER GET OUT OF THE BOAT have seemingly found the lost Revolution 1 (Take 20). Click on their link above to hear this fascinating take on one of… Continue reading

The Alice Cooper Group

Mascara & Monsters I humbly submit that the original Alice Cooper group were one of the tightest, raunchiest and brilliantly inventive garage bands of the early seventies. Well, for 4 albums anyway, and… Continue reading

“Doc Sucks Cockroach Out Of Woman’s Ear”

The Freak Brothers have forced Uncle E to take a short vacation for mental health purposes. Don’t worry baby, he’s not far. Cousin E is acting steward in his absence and will take… Continue reading

Uncle E’s New Aquisitions

The Sadies, Favourite Colours: Elements of Moby Grape, Dick Dale and The Byrds abound on most Sadies albums, but this Canadian combo have taken their influences and made them into something totally unique… Continue reading

Don’t You (Forget About Me)

Boy, let me tell you, when you hit 40 things change as much as they stay the same. Actually I’ll be 41 this month and over the last year or so I’ve been… Continue reading

What Do Philbert And Rolling Stone Magazine Have In Common?

Below you’ll find a list of Rolling Stone’s “Top 30 Songs Of All Time”. Rolling Stone magazine ceased to be a credible music resource for me years ago. I seldom agree with their… Continue reading

The Best Album Of 2009?

After listening to M Ward’s new album in it’s entirety a few times I would tend to agree. It hasn’t been released yet but NPR has it available  for you to listen to… Continue reading