Uncle E’s New Aquisitions

The Sadies, Favourite Colours: Elements of Moby Grape, Dick Dale and The Byrds abound on most Sadies albums, but this Canadian combo have taken their influences and made them into something totally unique and something very “now”. The Psychedlia of the 60’s has never really died, it only went underground, and bands like this are carrying the torch. But the Sadies prefer the more pastoral brand of psychedelia rather than the freak out variety. An interesting side note: The Sadies were asked to compose the soundtrack to the indie film bio of legendary custom car designer Ed “Big Daddy” Roth entitled “Tales Of The Rat Fink”, which they did by composing and recording 26 selections that total just over 30 minutes.
Blue Rodeo, Greatest Hits Vol. 1: I’ve come to appreciate greatest hits packages a little more as of late, especially for rediscovering older bands. For a paltry $9.99 you can investigate a band’s more popular output and see if they’re worth delving a little deeper. Such is the case with Blue Rodeo. An institution in their native country of Canada (I guess I’m on a bit of a Canadian kick lately, eh?) this band pretty much invented the alt-country genre single-handedly, long before Uncle Tupelo and Whiskeytown. I remember these guys from back in the 80’s but I never really got into them back then. After listening to this package I am certainly impressed and will be diving head first into some of their proper albums.
The Fuzztones, Horny As Hell: I purchased this newer album only because the rest of the Fuzztones discography is not widely available for download and I needed a fix. It doesn’t have the energy and sleaze of their earlier albums, especially the magnificent “Lysergic Emanations”, but it’s all I got. Anyone want to shoot me a download of LE?
The High Llamas, Hawaii: I’m going to let the video of “Nomads” speak for me on this one…