Revolution 1 (Take 20)

The fine folks over at NEVER GET OUT OF THE BOAT have seemingly found the lost Revolution 1 (Take 20). Click on their link above to hear this fascinating take on one of the most famous of Beatles songs.

“The legendary, unreleased “Revolution 1 (Take 20)” has surfaced. Mark Lewisohn tells us in The Beatles Recording Sessions that this track (take 18, revised as 20 after overdubs) was the first track recorded for The White Album on May 30, 1968. Tracks 1-17 were apparently shorter, more conventional versions of the song, but take 18 (the take edited for inclusion on the album) went on for over 10 minutes, dissolving into chaos and inspiring the infamous “Revolution 9” – using some of the same overdubbed sounds & effects, like Yoko Ono’s familiar “you become naked”. Is it real? Knowledgeable die hards think it is. Either way, it sounds great!”