Monthly Archive: November, 2011

The Only Band That Matters (Guess Who? Hint: It’s not the Guess Who!)

I don’t talk much about The Clash. Maybe it’s because of over saturation. I’ve listened to their albums so often over the years I can pretty much name any tune within three seconds… Continue reading

M83: “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming”

M83’s new album, new DOUBLE album, entitled “Hurry Up We’re Dreaming”, is a bit of a puzzle. It sounds exactly like everything I love, and loathe, about 80’s synth-pop. Cheesy drum machines, ethereal… Continue reading

The “Great List”

A site called “Acclaimed Music” is home to probably the most scientifically crafted list of the best albums of all time. They state: “The albums are ranked by a weighted rating based on… Continue reading

Black Grape: A Minor Miracle

…from the “Obscure to most Americans” file… Way back in 1995 no one, and I mean NO ONE could have imagined that Shaun Ryder, degenerate lyricist/vocalist and key madman for loveable little Madchester… Continue reading

Songs to speed by

Some songs are just custom made for slamming the accelerator to the floorboard, dontchathink? Ever received a speeding ticket while listening to a particularly song on your car stereo? I have, and I… Continue reading

Oh, Canada!

Canadian bands…good Canadian bands…are popping up like crazy the last few years. It wasn’t always so. There was a time, not too long ago, when saying you were a ‘fan of Canadian music’… Continue reading

Top 50 American Albums Of All Time

As promised, here is my list of the top 50 American record albums of all time. You’ll notice there’s no REM or Smashing Pumpkins here, and that was most definitely on purpose! #50.… Continue reading

Top 50 British Albums Of All Time

98% of my record collection consists of bands that originated in either the U.K. or the U.S.A., and I’d wager that your collection mirrors that. A “who’s better, who’s best” comparison would be… Continue reading

Pickin’ On Pitchfork, Volume 3

Wanna see what Pitchfork was like way back in 2001? Well, you can, because some enterprising (re: bored) dude has somehow retrieved the old site and it’s a bit of a revelation, I… Continue reading

Jazz, Versificators and the Reformation of The Beatles

Another “lost” post from contributor Nick Haines… Upon the successful conclusion of my prior post attention will inevitably turn to lovers of jazz. In a series of public show trials, aficionados of said… Continue reading