Monthly Archive: June, 2010

Best Albums Of 2010

Nik, over at the always entertaining Spatula Forum, recently posted his “best albums of the year…so far” which has gently prodded me to do likewise. I’m usually on top of this type of… Continue reading

The hissing of omelettes, the breaking of legs/ Don’t shoot till you see the whites of their eggs

I was watching the Denzel Washington remake of “The Manchurian Candidate” the other day and realized (this is at least my 3rd viewing) that Robyn Hitchcock has a fairly substantial role as a… Continue reading

Elton John Hearts Rush Libaugh (and vice versa)

Did I hear right? Elton John is performing (did perform?) at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding?!?! Damn. Couple that horor with the fact that Bernie Taupin co-wrote “We Built This City” and now I’m gonna… Continue reading

Brinsley Schwarz

Listening to these old Brinsley Schwarz albums I can not only hear the roots of Nick Lowe’s early solo career (Jesus Of Cool/Labour Of Lust) but also, as an artist, he’s come full… Continue reading

An Idiot’s Guide To Nick Lowe

Been doing a lot of “redirecting” to other sites lately. Oh well, I’ve been a manic busybody the last couple of weeks. Today is no different. Check out the this Pop Dose article… Continue reading

The 19 Most Hilariously Failed Attempts at Sexy Album Covers

CLICK HERE for the rest. If you dare!

Uncle E’s IPod Shuffle

I have embarked on a crazy-ass journey to the center of my IPod folks. I will attempt to rate, in order, my top 200 songs of all time. For those of you who… Continue reading

Paul Weller: Wake Up The Nation

The title of this album should have been “Waking Up My Fan Base”, ‘cause this is by far the finest, most coherent album Weller’s released since Wild Wood. As noted by many a… Continue reading

Deluxe Editions

If I am going to shell out beaucoup bucks for a reissue of an album I already own it damn well better contain the following items: #1. Extensive liner notes, detailing the history… Continue reading

Best Opening Tracks On An Album Ever!

Interesting discussion going on over at NPR’s All Music Considered whereby they ask the question “What’s the best album opening track of all time?” They have over 600 responses already and is worth… Continue reading