Stupid Band Names

An updated post from the past dedicated to the readers responses which, if I’m to be honest here, were far funnier than my own. Phil Fountain said: “The Baloney Ponies Charles Haltry &… Continue reading

Just How Old Is Too Old?

…from the archives… So, here’s the thing. I’ll be turning 40 in February, and it got me to thinking; at what age does one, SHOULD ONE, stop listening to ‘new’ music? Is my… Continue reading

Uncle E’s Guide To Rating Albums

…from the archives… First things first: I believe that you should live with an album for a bare minimum of one month before you can critically and objectively score/ rate an album. Most… Continue reading

Bands Who Suck Named After A Chunk Of Earth

…from the archives… *Real Places* BOSTON CHILLIWACK (in B.C., Canada) AMERICA ASIA BAY CITY ROLLERS BUSH (Named after Shepherds Bush, England) CHICAGO HALIFAX (Canada, yet again!) KANSAS LINKIN Park LITTLE RIVER BAND NAZARETH… Continue reading

Andorra by Caribou

…from the archives…   Dan Snaith, the man responsible for the one man electronic experiment Manitoba (he was forced to change the name to Caribou thanks to a lawsuit brought “aboot” by one… Continue reading

THE CONCEPT ALBUM: Some thoughts…

More from the archives… From about 1966 onwards “pop” music magically, almost overnight it seemed, turned into “rock” music, and we can all blame Brian Wilson. Everyone knows 1966 was the year the Beach Boys… Continue reading

Miserable Sad Bastard Music: A Musical Sub-Genre

From the archives… Well, if it isn’t REALLY a recognized sub-genre, it should be! I’ve got a bitch of a head cold, I’ve been coughing up phlegm every hour for about three days… Continue reading

It’s A Legal Matter, Baby!

Does anyone remember the obscenity trial that was the result of the Dead Kennedy’s including a poster of the HR Giger painting entitled “Penis Landscape” in their LP “Frankenchrist”? You don’t have to… Continue reading

Uncle E’s 2008 Album Round-Up

Well it turned out to be another decent year didn’t it? I mean, other than the economy, the war, the housing market continuing to spiral into the abyss, the auto industry losing billions,… Continue reading

Bogus Band Bio: “Focus”

I preface this latest entry as I have all the other previous “Bogus Band Bio” entries; that this is a phenomenally ridiculous and fictional account of a phenomenally ridiculous band, and should any… Continue reading