Is It Man, Or Astro-Man?!?

I arrived to  Man Or Astro-Man? 30 years too late, I’m afraid. Back in my late teens I would have eaten this stuff up! The Dick Dale guitar attack, the punky rhythm section… Continue reading

Cassette Store Day 2013? You Bet Your A$$!

BBC4 contributor and music blogger extraordinaire over at Every Record Tells A Story informs me that there is actually going to be a Cassette Store Day 2013!! And 2 cassette tape graphics in… Continue reading

35 Music Experiences You Never Thought You’d Miss But You Do

Thanks to my friend David Tayler for this link. Here’s #35 to whet yer whistle! CLICK HERE

Pet Shop Boys, Electric

For me, there’s just something so very comforting about the music of The Pet Shop Boys and, in particular, Neil Tennant’s voice. It’s like a brandy in front of a fireplace on a… Continue reading


Because XTC will be releasing the Steven Wilson remaster of Nonsuch soon I thought I’d resurrect an old post in the hopes it may inspire some newbies to invest in the back catalog… Continue reading

And Yet MORE Awful Album Covers…

A taste…FROM POPDOSE…CLICK HERE AFTER YOU READ THE ONE BELOW TO SEE THE WHOLE TERRIBLE, BUT VERY FUNNY, LIST OF 20 I tried to stay away from making fun of covers that basically… Continue reading

Cotton Mather: Kontiki

This one falls under the Great Forgotten Album category. Its a little record that was released in 1997 by a Beatles indebted band called Cotton Mather. Fronted by singer/chief songwriter, the aptly named… Continue reading

Punk Is Truly Dead

Apparently Gregg Ginn, original band member of Blag Flag and owner of SST Records is suing his old band mates for daring to use images and the name Black Flag. So I can… Continue reading

The 50 Worst Songs…EVER!

…according to BLENDER. I can’t find much fault with their list (below), except that I would have rated that Titanic song a LOT higher and eliminated Ob-la-di-ob-la-da from the list entirely (hey, I… Continue reading

Front Runner For Worst ALbum Cover Of 2013