That Suicide Sound

Suicide may be painless but they sure were influential! Suicide released one fantastic album (self titled debut), one good one (punningly titled The Second Album) and…well, not much else really worth mentioning. Their… Continue reading

(Fully) Loaded

When Joe Strummer died I listened to nothing but old Clash albums, and his fantastic solo album Streetcore, for 2 weeks straight. During that time I rediscovered what it was about Strummer and… Continue reading

Got Real Prog If You Want It. Now Get Off My Back!!

From the web site In each and everyday musical conversational exchanges, the mention of the term “progressive rock” or “progressive metal” will result in blank stares that generally lead to the question,… Continue reading

Sparks (As Explained By Someone Who Knows What They Are Talking About This Time)

Longtime friend of The Nightmare, U.K. Nick, has come back from a prolonged absence (some kind of rehab, I presume…just kidding, Nick!) and schooled me on Sparks. A far better and definitely more… Continue reading

Sparks: First Date

Sparks is a band that I have heard a lot about, mostly from friends who know my tastes and have strongly suggested that they’d be “right up my alley”. Sparks has been on… Continue reading

Under The Radar: Metronomy

Metronomy is set to release a new single near the end of this month (maybe sooner), and I can hear the collective “Who the hell are Metronomy?” whispers. Well, Metronomy are one of… Continue reading

Lou Reed Takes A Walk Down That Dirty Boulevard

Lou Reed, dead at 71. Dang, there goes another. Getting old ain’t for wimps, as my daddy used to tell me, and the older I get the more childhood heroes fall to The… Continue reading

Tales Of Terror From Mainstream FM Radio

If there’s one artist I do not want to listen to at 4:30 in the morning whilst at the beginning of my twice weekly commute it is Billy “The Atlantic F*&KIN’” Ocean! Nor,… Continue reading

How to put me off your album/band, #987

Have Pitchfork mention the words “Baroque Folk” in their review. It brings to mind Devandra Banhart jamming with Garth Hudson and that banjo playin’ kid from Deliverance, and that doesn’t sound like a… Continue reading

Don’t quite hate the Eagles yet? Read on…

From the “Gimme another reason to hate the Eagles” file, courtesy of Alan Cross: I’ll just quote PopBitch: Rap beefs are small fry. If you want to see some proper grudge-holding, no-one does… Continue reading