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The Final Word?

I started this blog waaaayyyy back in 2008, partly to see if I could do it, and partly to be part of a community of like minded music fanatics and coworkers, all of… Continue reading

Favorite Re-Discoveries Of The Year

Only 2 this year, but they were biggies! Saint Etienne:  Saint Etienne just passed me by entirely when they arrived on the scene in 1992 with Foxbase Alpha. The albums that saw the… Continue reading

(Fully) Loaded

When Joe Strummer died I listened to nothing but old Clash albums, and his fantastic solo album Streetcore, for 2 weeks straight. During that time I rediscovered what it was about Strummer and… Continue reading

My CD’s Are Worth What?!?!?!

What the Hell is going on with CD prices? Generally, if I want to know the value of a rare-ish or import only CD I use the smallest amount someone is asking for… Continue reading

Confessions Of A Record Store Junkie, Part IV

See? I knew it! Stupid damn laptop exploded, again. Actually, different laptop, same kaboom. Am I prepared this time, to deal with the sad realities of what this, once again, means to my… Continue reading

Smells Like Nostalgia

God I hated grunge. So much so that the mere sound of Eddie Vedder’s voice still makes me writhe in agony. I even disowned Neil young for a spell during the 90s as… Continue reading

“Hey Man, you got a joint? It would be a lot cooler if you did…”

This blog and its postings have always been based around my listening habits. See a post on The Flaming Lips? It’s a pretty sure bet that I’ve been listening to Yoshimi Battles The… Continue reading

Cassette Store Day 2013? You Bet Your A$$!

BBC4 contributor and music blogger extraordinaire over at Every Record Tells A Story informs me that there is actually going to be a Cassette Store Day 2013!! And 2 cassette tape graphics in… Continue reading

35 Music Experiences You Never Thought You’d Miss But You Do

Thanks to my friend David Tayler for this link. Here’s #35 to whet yer whistle! CLICK HERE

The 50 Worst Songs…EVER!

…according to BLENDER. I can’t find much fault with their list (below), except that I would have rated that Titanic song a LOT higher and eliminated Ob-la-di-ob-la-da from the list entirely (hey, I… Continue reading