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The Final Word?

I started this blog waaaayyyy back in 2008, partly to see if I could do it, and partly to be part of a community of like minded music fanatics and coworkers, all of… Continue reading

Favorite Re-Discoveries Of The Year

Only 2 this year, but they were biggies! Saint Etienne:  Saint Etienne just passed me by entirely when they arrived on the scene in 1992 with Foxbase Alpha. The albums that saw the… Continue reading

The Best New Album Reissues Of 2013, Final Round

Shuggie Otis, Inspiration Information/Wings Of Love: I don’t own this and I have never heard the “Wings Of Love” part of this reissue. It’s here because I feel the need to remind people… Continue reading

The Best New Album Reissues Of 2013, Round 1

The Beta Band, The Regal Years: A massive box of virtually everything the amazing Beta Band recorded (6 CD’s), every freak folk/psych-out these geniuses released during the years of 1997-2004. A whole bunch… Continue reading

Best New Albums Of 2013, Final Round

Edwyn Collins, Understated: this one is far enough removed from the stroke Edwyn suffered a few years ago that I can be critical; if it wasn’t any good I could now say so.… Continue reading

Best New Albums of 2013, Round 4

Pet Shop Boys, Electric. There’s just something so very comforting about the music of The Pet Shop Boys and, in particular, Neil Tennant’s voice. It’s like a brandy in front of a fireplace… Continue reading

Best New Albums of 2013, Round 3

Paul McCartney, New: I can be unbiased towards McCartney’s work, and can honestly tell you that I have not fully embraced one of his albums as an all out classic since the early… Continue reading

That Suicide Sound

Suicide may be painless but they sure were influential! Suicide released one fantastic album (self titled debut), one good one (punningly titled The Second Album) and…well, not much else really worth mentioning. Their… Continue reading

Got Real Prog If You Want It. Now Get Off My Back!!

From the web site In each and everyday musical conversational exchanges, the mention of the term “progressive rock” or “progressive metal” will result in blank stares that generally lead to the question,… Continue reading

Sparks: First Date

Sparks is a band that I have heard a lot about, mostly from friends who know my tastes and have strongly suggested that they’d be “right up my alley”. Sparks has been on… Continue reading