The Best New Album Reissues Of 2013, Final Round

shuggieShuggie Otis, Inspiration Information/Wings Of Love: I don’t own this and I have never heard the “Wings Of Love” part of this reissue. It’s here because I feel the need to remind people how damn good Inspiration Information is. Buy it, in whatever form suits your fancy.

ozric tentOzric Tentacles, Introducing: These space rock/techno instrumental grebos have released, I think, at least 467 proper LP’s since forming in the 1980’s. They’ve never been fashionable but they’ve always been good, and sometimes very good, and this is a great place to start if you’re new to the Ozrics. Good old fashioned trippy fun!

bowieDavid Bowie, Aladin Sane (40th Anniversary Edition): Yet another reissue from Bowie, but when the music’s this good he can re-release this sucker each and every year for all I care. Forget about The Next Day, anything prior to 1981 is where it’s at.

ELO_ZOOME.L.O., ZOOM!: A great comeback that was wrongfully ignored and a Jeff Lynne solo album in all but name. Like E.L.O. and don’t own this? Go get it. It’s nothing like the Traveling Whatchamacallit’s.

The-Clash-Hits-Back-500x447The Clash, Hits Back: Why did I, a lifelong Clash fanatic and owner of virtually everything they ever did (including Cut The Crap, at one point!), purchase this greatest hits 2 disk set? Because my versions of the first, second and fifth albums by this band sound terrible and are all first generation ‘80’s CD’s, I am pretty sure. In addition, since I own all the albums I never saw the need to buy a best of, but the shiny new packaging and the lure of better sound quality sucked me right in. Plus, truthfully, I haven’t listened to an entire Clash album all the way through in years, and this is a pretty handy and quick way to get my fix. Yeah, I know, this from a self confessed greatest hits hater…

IRobert-800wAlan Parsons Project, I Robot Legacy Edition: F*&k you, I like this album, and happen to think the production flawless and the music way ahead of its time! Techno music before techno was a gleam in Disco’s eye.

van morrisonVan Morrison, Moondance Deluxe: Let me be clear with y’all, if’n I may. I own 2 Van Morrison LP’s. Astral Weeks and this…now. I have always liked AW and my wife has always loved Moondance. She is the big Van fan, owning more than 15 of the man’s albums. I appreciate him more than I listen to him for sure, but listening to this newly remastered 2-CD edition of Moondance I have to admit I like it a lot, perfect late night tales, expertly played, if a tad overplayed.

the whoThe Who, Tommy Deluxe: Say what you will about the Who and their reissue campaign, these Deluxe editions are the tits! This newest one sounds great and contains a second disk of a live Montreal performance of Tommy that is pretty special. Problem is I already had a live version of Tommy that came with the Deluxe Edition of Live At Leeds! I would have preferred the demo versions that were released on yet another reissue of this a few years back, but what the hell, it’s nice to have and is done, like all the others, really well.