The Best New Album Reissues Of 2013, Round 1

beta bandThe Beta Band, The Regal Years: A massive box of virtually everything the amazing Beta Band recorded (6 CD’s), every freak folk/psych-out these geniuses released during the years of 1997-2004. A whole bunch of worthwhile remixes, B Sides and Rarities make this one essential, and for only $25 this is a steal!

kinksThe Kinks, Muswell Hillbillies Deluxe Edition: Don’t know why but they skipped Lola vs The Powermen in this Deluxe Edition series and instead released this. That’s OK, though, because Muswell Hillbillies was extremely hard to find, and the old editions sounded awful. This new edition is special indeed and continues the quality of these Kinks reissues, which are probably my favorites out of all that I own. The extras here are a little bare bone compared to, say, Arthur or Something Else, but they’re quality, especially Lavendar Lane and a couple of the 1976 remixes. The booklet is top notch, my only complaint being a lack of clear plastic outer case. They now have an opaque Deluxe Edition tape strip that you have to cut that’s more than kind of annoying, but that’s minor. What’s here is excellent.

Tears-For-Fears-The-HurtingTears For Fears, The Hurting Deluxe Edition: The only Tears For Fears album I ever, truly loved, although I have to admit The Big Chair has its moments! Second disk collects B-sides and extended mixes of the singles from the album, the packaging is top notch, and the sound sounds…improved, if not revelatory. A worthy contender.

fmacFleetwood Mac, Rumours: Yes, again! But this time with some new rarities not found on the 2009 reissue, and best of all a live show from the Rumours tour, which is very nice to have on hand. Sound is fantastic, and it’s always a good thing when this album is revisited.

breedersThe Breeders, LSXX: The album that proved that Pixies weren’t just Frank Black and some chick, expanded with demos and rarities and beautifully packaged to boot. There’s all that, and then there’s Cannonball, one of the best songs of the 1990’s.

rushRush, Vapor Trails Remixed: First off, why didn’t they spell vapor the Canadian way, with a “U”? Anyway, I never fully embraced this album, and the crappy, muddy and impenetrable  sound was the reason why. All is forgiven, because this album sounds great, now. I can actually hear the drums! The album itself has a pretty inspiring back-story, worth looking up if you get the chance. Now it has a proper soundtrack.

I’ll be back after Christmas with the rest of my “best of 2013” lists. Have a great holiday!