Best New Albums of 2013, Round 2

Four more that caught my ear this year!

steven wisonSteven Wilson, The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories): The mega talented Stgeven Wilson decided to go balls-out on this paean to 1970’s British classic progressive rock. There are echoes of Pete Gabriel era Genesis (especially Foxtrot’s Watcher Of The Skies), the musicianship and odd time signatures of RUSH, the space of YES, all with a dash of Parliament/Funkadelic thrown in for good measure! At times this can be a funky record. Great songs, great melodies, great music.

vampireVampire Weekend, Modern Vampires Of The City: Some of the best pop songs you’ll hear all year reside on Modern Vampires Of The City. Less of the Paul Simon influence on this one, too.

omdOMD, English Electric: You can go ahead and call this the comeback of the year! Nothing and no one came close to matching it. It sounds like these guys went back in time and erased the albums from 1986-through 2010 (if only!), and dropped this in their place. It is the true successor to the underrated Crush album and a far sight better than their first attempt at a comeback, 2010’s History Of Modern. I love this record, and it proudly belongs in the same heap as the best from their early years.

primal screamPrimal Scream, More Light: With Primal Scream you’re either going to be presented with greatness or shitness; there’s really no middle ground with these guys. In my opinion, and lucky for me, More Light is the former. Is this a Screamadelica for a new age? Well…no. More Light is a hodgepodge of styles, like Screamadelica, with different producers and sounds and styles, and like Screamadelica it works very well, overall. This is neither an embarrassment nor the album of their career, but a fine, fine addition. Hate the cover, though.