Under The Radar: Metronomy

metronMetronomy is set to release a new single near the end of this month (maybe sooner), and I can hear the collective “Who the hell are Metronomy?” whispers. Well, Metronomy are one of my great musical hopes, a band I’m betting will put out my album of 2014. That is unless Super Furry Animals and Mercury Rev get off their lazy asses and release something, then all bets are off.

But back in 2011 these former nu-rave Klaxons wannabe’s stunned me and released, what I thought, was one of the best albums of that year. It’s a quietly unassuming little record the first few listens; after a few more the little genius moments start to emerge and get stuck in your head and you find yourself, at the weirdest moments, almost craving another listen.

Elements of electronica, synth pop are there, but there’s a definite feeling that you’re listening to something quite subversive from the very early ‘80’s, maybe even before, which makes sense because the album this reminds me most of is PIL’s Second Edition, but gentler in places and even more sinister in others. A very weird combination but for me it all works amazingly well.

SO…keep an ear out for these guys, and if you haven’t heard The English Riviera then by all means do that.