After thousands of posts I’m still discovering bands and albums that warrant discussion that I have neglected to post about, and Motorhead is this weeks lucky winner! The coolest bunch of wart-faced greaseballs in the mother effing universe, in my humble opinion.

ace of spBack in the 1970’s and early 1980’s Motorhead was a band that both punks and head bangers could enjoy, jointly. This is unique in that there weren’t many bands that crossed that barrier, and believe me when I tell you there really was a barrier betwixt the two genres. Motorhead was more metal than punk; in their look, especially, and in their music, albeit less so. But they were fast, and sounded absolutely ruthless, and even penned a song whose title adorned my favorite t-shirt back in high school: Eat The Rich. It was their attitude/demeanor, their lyrics and the way they played their songs that made sense to the punks. They were granted admission to the club, and welcomed with open arms.

no remorseSilly labels aside, I submit that Motorhead was just as important and historically relevant as The Stooges and perhaps even the Velvet Underground. 1980’s Ace Of Spades is the undisputed classic but neophytes should start with the classic, first and best compilation (released 1984) entitled No Remorse. As allmusic says, “No Remorse is to Motorhead  what We Sold Our Soul is to Black Sabbath–an age-old collection that every metalhead seemed to own at some point, the one that seemed to define the band for generations on end.”

Here’s the best way to experience Ace Of Spades…LIVE AND LOUD!