One New Release And One Reissue (with a ‘found’ album) From 2 Of My Favorite (old) Bands. I Remain Cautiously Optimistic!

How’s that for a long winded title, eh?

According to Slicing Up Eyeballs Prefab Sprout (Paddy McAloon) and PWEI are releasing albums tomorrow, and as the headline of this post alludes I’m not going to allow myself to get all super excited. Both are bands from my yoot that released albums that have sat comfortably in my top 50 records of all time and both have released albums that would sit in my top 25 albums of the 1980’s. One even made the top 10.

prefabPrefab Sprout’s Paddy McAloon apparently has so many songs in the vault that he could put out an album a month for 5 years and still not come close to exhausting his reserve. His last effort, the heart-on-sleeve titled Let’s Change The World With Music was…ok, but not even close to what I know he is capable of. Or, and I hate to admit this, what he was capable of.  The good news is that a majority of these songs were written in the early and mid ’90’s, right when he was hitting his stride with the terrific Jordan: The Comeback. That album, and Steve McQueen, the two best Sprout records, have one thing in common with each other, other than their brilliance: Thomas Dolby produced them both. His sonic “colorings” are what make these albums the timeless classics they are, even Paddy would most likely admit that. Oh sure, the songs are terrific, Paddy’s a genius, blah blah blah. But consider that no other albums in their discography are still talked about like these two. Anyway, Let’s Change The World With Music was alright but nothing spectacular. I don’t know if Dolby is producing, but I would suspect that if he was we would have heard about it by now.

pweiThe other record is PWEI’s Dos Dedos Mis Amigos, and it’s being expanded, but not with the usual home demos and 12″ mixes, no. The second disc contains a whole brand, new album from 1996! It’s the Poppies very own SmILE! Truthfully it is with the ’94 album where they lost me. It was too industrial sounding, the humor had been drained, it sounded a little too Americanized for my tastes at the time, a little too Nine Inch Nails-ish. And to add insult to injury what’s left of the original line up released their version of Cut The Crap (look it up!), which didn’t exactly do anything positive for their legacy.

But who knows? These could be great! We’ll just have to wait and see. But I’m not holding my breath.