Monthly Archive: October, 2013

Tales Of Terror From Mainstream FM Radio

If there’s one artist I do not want to listen to at 4:30 in the morning whilst at the beginning of my twice weekly commute it is Billy “The Atlantic F*&KIN’” Ocean! Nor,… Continue reading

How to put me off your album/band, #987

Have Pitchfork mention the words “Baroque Folk” in their review. It brings to mind Devandra Banhart jamming with Garth Hudson and that banjo playin’ kid from Deliverance, and that doesn’t sound like a… Continue reading

Don’t quite hate the Eagles yet? Read on…

From the “Gimme another reason to hate the Eagles” file, courtesy of Alan Cross: I’ll just quote PopBitch: Rap beefs are small fry. If you want to see some proper grudge-holding, no-one does… Continue reading


After thousands of posts I’m still discovering bands and albums that warrant discussion that I have neglected to post about, and Motorhead is this weeks lucky winner! The coolest bunch of wart-faced greaseballs… Continue reading

Horrifying Foods People Eat

…just because it’s almost Halloween and I’ve already been scared by it and want to share my pain. This is where “The Nightmare” part of the blog comes in. CLICK RIGHT HERE!

“The reports of me listening to jazz are greatly exaggerated.”

This whole ‘science thing’ can really mess up your mind if you’re exposed to it for any length, especially when it comes to the science of music enjoyment. Canadian music journalist extraordinaire Alan… Continue reading

A Sad Lament On The “Greatest Hits” Compilations Of The 1970’s

The 1970’s produced the best “Best Of” packages, bar none. Yes, the CD age and its extended time has increased the size of the package, but as the old adage goes “size really… Continue reading

Fall Tunes

After a particularly dreadfully hot summer here in Northern California fall is finally on the horizon. I can feel the temperature dipping, dipping until it gets to that oh-so sweet spot that is… Continue reading

One New Release And One Reissue (with a ‘found’ album) From 2 Of My Favorite (old) Bands. I Remain Cautiously Optimistic!

How’s that for a long winded title, eh? According to Slicing Up Eyeballs Prefab Sprout (Paddy McAloon) and PWEI are releasing albums tomorrow, and as the headline of this post alludes I’m not… Continue reading

A Gift From The Jam

Why people bash this album is beyond me. To my ears it falls just behind Sound Affects as the Jam album. Maybe it’s the turn towards a more overt R&B sound on Precious… Continue reading