My CD’s Are Worth What?!?!?!

What the Hell is going on with CD prices? Generally, if I want to know the value of a rare-ish or import only CD I use the smallest amount someone is asking for it combined with the volume of what’s available, which I assume is an indication of its rarity. But GODDAMN some of these prices folks are asking (and, in some cases even getting! I know, I’m nerdy enough to keep track of these things!) are outrageous. Hell, it gets me to thinking that perhaps these pesky disks may actually be worth something, someday. Here are a few real time examples of what some of the discs I own are fetching (the lowest asked price), or attempting to fetch and what I remember buying it for:

happy mondaysHappy Mondays, Pills Thrills and Bellyaches Collector’s Edition: $91.93 (USED). I paid about $25.00

trooperTROOPER, Best Of, Green Series: $119.63 (NEW). I paid $5.99, new. This one shocks the crap out of me. I even went on Canada and it’s going for even more, there!

ozricOzric Tentacles, Vitamin Enhanced (box set): $2,397.60 (NEW), $190.71 (Used). I bought this at a small, local record store for about $20.

ramonesRamones Mania, Volume 2, $206.01 (NEW). Bought for $8 at Dimple Records just last month.

 Now, I gave away a small fortune back in the early ‘90’s when I ‘donated’ my vinyl collection to a friend (don’t ask, long story), and have regretted it ever since. But I never thought CD’s would ever approach the value of a vintage vinyl LP. But then again, collectability and subsequently value, is based on the rareness of an object, for the most part. And CD’s nowadays, especially these Deluxe Editions and imports, aren’t selling very many copies I wouldn’t think, certainly not the same amount as most Vinyl did back in its heyday. SO who knows? Maybe I’ll just hang onto them and hand ‘em down to my girls. God knows if I’d have hung on to my old vinyl collection I probably could have had enough to put some dough down on a summer house at Tahoe.