Enough Is Enough, Already!

David Bowie, his manager and/or his record company has seen fit to reissue his ‘comeback’ album, the underwhelming (to me, anyway) The Next Day as a 3-disk package.  Bear in mind that we’re talking ‘reissue’ of an album that’s about 9 months old.

I am a big sucker fan of the reissue, actually. I’ve bought a ton of them, and for the most part I’m pretty happy with my investments. Most give me more than necessary to justify the purchase.

There should be some rules, though, when it comes to these things. The most important of which should be sufficient time between the original issue date and the reissue date of release. Maybe, say, a minimum of 10 years? Jeeze, I’d even accept 5, if pressed. But to offer a ‘reissue’ a mere 9 months after the first run is just greedy. Not just greedy but obviously greedy.

If you want to find out the details on this…ahem…reissue,  and I don’t suggest you do, click here.