Confessions Of A Record Store Junkie, Part IV


I knew it!

Stupid damn laptop exploded, again. Actually, different laptop, same kaboom.

Am I prepared this time, to deal with the sad realities of what this, once again, means to my music listening schedules and routines? Yes and no. Yes, I have most everything backed up on DISK and on an external hard drive. Hurray for me. I have learned. What a smart little boy I have become. Good for you. Here, have a biscuit and a ‘thanks for participating!’ award. Don’t break your collarbone patting yourself on the back, Monsieur E.

No, because when I say that I have ‘most’ of my music backed up what I really mean is that I have about 400 albums that are not, because since I have backed up the initial mass of tunes I found a huge box of CD’s I forgot I had in the garage and downloaded them manually, one CD at a time, to my itunes library; and did not back them up. And so it seems I am left with a few choices, again, although this time out it’s a little easier.

Oh, but before I go there, to that place, let me first say that my laptop was a pretty crappy one, that had very little memory compared to what’s on offer today, and that my wife had a zillion photos stored on there, in addition to my zillion songs, in addition to some weird virus, so it was only a matter of time before it went kaput. I’m glad in a way, because we get a new computer with I think 20 times the storage capacity of the old one, which means I should never have to see that “Disk space is FULL” block appear again, a very good thing indeed.

Anyway, back to choices. I figure I can do one of 2 things:

  1. Keep everything the same. This means upload all the music I have stored on backup to itunes and start manually downloading (uploading? Remember, I’m a bit of a luddite!) those physical CD’s that aren’t backed up. So, work to ensure everything becomes as it was before the Mighty Laptop Explosion Of 2013.
  2. Start fresh. Actually analyze and hand pick songs and albums that I am most interested in at this moment and upload (download? Shit!) those. Do a bit of musical pruning, if you please.

Option one is the least time consuming, but also the least satisfying, of the two. I think. I am definitely leaning towards “Option #2”. Yes, as a matter of fact, I believe that’s the one for me. Sounds like good music nerd fun! Fussing about making lists, agonizing over songs and albums and bands, re-categorizing, setting up new playlists, changing genres (Special note to itunes, or whoever codes CD’s: The Dead Kennedys are NOT ‘Adult Contemporary’), and generally spending hours, days, weeks and maybe even months getting the library and subsequently what’s on my ipod juuuuuuuussssssst the way I want it.

Well alright then.

 Done and…