“Hey Man, you got a joint? It would be a lot cooler if you did…”

This blog and its postings have always been based around my listening habits. See a post on The Flaming Lips? It’s a pretty sure bet that I’ve been listening to Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots or Clouds Taste Metallic. It’s that simple, really.  Oh yes I’ll occasionally go off ranting about some thing that’s bugged me, or let off some creative steam with some fiction from time to time. But for the most part it’s sharing what’s currently being rotated in the E household with those who care to know.

Truth to tell it’s been getting harder and harder to find the time to do this, especially when I up and did the dumbest thing a married father of 2 with a full time job with recently expanded duties could do: I created another blog. Not just any old blog, but one with a self imposed and fairly rigid mission statement, which leaves little to no way out. That blog is called 500 Reasons Why The ‘80’s Didn’t Suck, and it’s mission statement is to, in 5 years at most, post what I believe to be the best 500 albums (and, occasionally, songs) that decade produced, in the hopes of turning around the horribly misguided notion that all the 1980’s produced, music-wise, was Eddie Murphy, Phil Collins and the Ghostbusters theme song.

And you know what? It became a pretty popular little site! As a matter of fact it triples and often quadruples the traffic on this site, which has pretty much been active since 2008! More unique visitors and page views (impressions) by a mile. I guess it’s the specific and hyper niche-ness of the concept. Whatever it is, it kind of blew me away that there’s so much interest in the music from the ‘80’s, my decade. But I am also a child of the ’70’s, too! That will become evident in a minute.

70sSo, yes, I don’t grumble as much because grumbling takes time, a commodity that’s in very short supply currently. So I keep it real simple here nowadays, which brings me back full circle, which is convenient. What am I listening to lately? Everything and anything, actually. So much volume I’m in “music overload” mode currently. For example, every Tuesday and Thursday I travel 90 miles to my second office and 90 miles back to my home base, and most of the time I use the company car, which has a decent stereo system and affords me the time to catch up on some of the albums in the queue. Today the car was ‘taken’ by someone else and I had to take the van. The CD player was jammed with some skipping Janis Joplin CD so I had no choice but to…ugghhh…listen to the radio. Talk stations, even around California’s Capital and San Francisco suck, so I was forced to leave the dial on the Dreaded Classic Rock Station. Here’s the playlist, ‘cause I kept notes for y’all:

Slowride, Foghat

Cold As Ice, Foreigner

One Way Or Another, Blondie

Stairway To Heaven, Led Zeppelin (really!)

You May Be Right, Billy Joel

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Elton John

You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet, BTO

Iron Man, Black Sabbath

Radar Love, Golden Earring

Don’t Fear The Reaper, Blue Oyster Cult (can anyone listen to this song and not think “More Cowbell, baby!?”)

Lonesome Loser, Little River Band

Tenth Avenue Freezeout, Bruce Springsteen

Run Like Hell, Pink Floyd

The Joker, Steve Miller Band (of course, played 4 times an hour every hour on every classic rock station the world over)

Beach Baby (I cannot for the life of me remember who sung this one. No time to look it up, either Anyone?)

Jump, Van Halen

…..and about half of I’m Alright (Caddyshack theme) by Kenny Loggins.

All told, honestly…not a bad playlist! It could have been much, much worse. The neat thing being that I haven’t heard a lot of these songs in, like, forever. I would never go out of my way to listen to Stairway to Heaven, but damn it if I didn’t enjoy listening to it this morning, ditto for most of these songs, actually. My enjoyment of them really took me by surprise. Maybe it was because I had no choice, but maybe not. Perhaps these songs grabbed a hold of my nostalgia synapses and went to town. Who knows, but for today I was transported back to simpler days when the guitar solo was King and beards were mandatory.

And I dug it!