Monthly Archive: September, 2013

Enough Is Enough, Already!

David Bowie, his manager and/or his record company has seen fit to reissue his ‘comeback’ album, the underwhelming (to me, anyway) The Next Day as a 3-disk package.  Bear in mind that we’re… Continue reading

My CD’s Are Worth What?!?!?!

What the Hell is going on with CD prices? Generally, if I want to know the value of a rare-ish or import only CD I use the smallest amount someone is asking for… Continue reading

Guess who this is?

HINT: It is not my accountant! click here to find out who this is and to feel much older than you really are…

Confessions Of A Record Store Junkie, Part IV

See? I knew it! Stupid damn laptop exploded, again. Actually, different laptop, same kaboom. Am I prepared this time, to deal with the sad realities of what this, once again, means to my… Continue reading

Smells Like Nostalgia

God I hated grunge. So much so that the mere sound of Eddie Vedder’s voice still makes me writhe in agony. I even disowned Neil young for a spell during the 90s as… Continue reading

Musical Obsession 2013 Edition

I become obsessed with at least one bands discography each year, gleefully feeding the urge to buy everything I can from the artist until I hit one (album, that is) that’s disappointing, and… Continue reading

Gimme A Reason

Here are 10 artists that everyone tells me (by everyone I mean friends, family, trusted confidants, critics, historians, EVERYONE!) I should like but have yet to embrace, for reasons that escape me. Lord… Continue reading

“Hey Man, you got a joint? It would be a lot cooler if you did…”

This blog and its postings have always been based around my listening habits. See a post on The Flaming Lips? It’s a pretty sure bet that I’ve been listening to Yoshimi Battles The… Continue reading

667, The Neighbor Of The Beast

My heavy metal knowledge is limited to just a few albums and even fewer bands, and my definition of “heavy metal” is probably different from yours, given the decade in which I grew… Continue reading