Is It Man, Or Astro-Man?!?

astgromanI arrived to  Man Or Astro-Man? 30 years too late, I’m afraid. Back in my late teens I would have eaten this stuff up! The Dick Dale guitar attack, the punky rhythm section and especially the kitschy 1950’s Sci-Fi movie dialogue that peppers this release would have been right in my wheel-house back in the day. Today, at 14 songs, is 13 too much in one sitting. It all gets a little “samey”, if you ask me. A pleasant enough diversion, but as I climb one more stony, grey step towards oblivion each year my musical needs tend to favor something a tad more substantial. Like musical fiber.But I have to say… fantastic album covers!

For my Canadian pals these guys sound a lot like Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet. To those unfamiliar they were the dudes that wrote the theme song to the Kids In The Hall show back in the ‘90’s. Still nothing?

Check it out here:

And here’s Man Or Astro-Man?