Cassette Store Day 2013? You Bet Your A$$!

maxellBBC4 contributor and music blogger extraordinaire over at Every Record Tells A Story informs me that there is actually going to be a Cassette Store Day 2013!! And 2 cassette tape graphics in as many posts, what’s the world coming to?!?!?!?

God, how I loved those Maxell GOLD, in all their variations, especially the 120 minute ones. They forced you to sit down and really pay attention, didn’t they? Buy an album, take it out, press PLAY and RECORD and let the whole thing play through to the end while you devour the cover, liner notes and every note of every song letting it all just…sink in. Rose tinted rear-view mirror I may have, but I still pine for those days in a weird way. Hey, you can pick up a really good dual tape deck and about 100 cassettes at your local thrift store for under $30! Instant music collection!

At any rate, read the rest of the story here!