Pet Shop Boys, Electric

psbFor me, there’s just something so very comforting about the music of The Pet Shop Boys and, in particular, Neil Tennant’s voice. It’s like a brandy in front of a fireplace on a snowy day.

Too much?

Well, it’s true!  There’s just something about it. Don’t ask me to explain it scientifically, or even rationally, because I can’t. To me, the voice of Tennant and the music of the Pet Shop Boys is a most unique and singularly enjoyable listening experience.

To Me.

I say this because, let’s be honest, their music ain’t for everyone. I understand that. But I grew up with these guys, right from the beginning, and even though my enthusiasm may have waned a bit it’s always been there. With the new album, Electric, I think I can safely say it’s once again on the rise. I’ve only had the album for a few weeks so a complete review would be pointless. Let’s just say that I am digging the hell out of it; it sounds modern and vital,  and thanks to Tennant’s never changing vocals it retains that nostalgic element that makes a PSB’s album a PSB’s album. It is much more energetic and dance oriented than their prior effort, and if you need an easy  comparison I’d say it’s their best since Introspective back in the late ’80’s.

If you like the Pet Shop Boys you’ll be a happy camper. If you don’t then chances are you haven’t read this far anyway. Get it. It’s good.