Punk Is Truly Dead

Apparently Gregg Ginn, original band member of Blag Flag and owner of SST Records is suing his old band mates for daring to use images and the name Black Flag. So I can picture Ginn now, walking up the courthouse steps in his torn and studded Armani suit and genuine knee-high Yugoslavian army boots, grabbing a stack of copyright infringement forms and…damn it…I can’t go on. Probably had STT’s lawyer file them. According to the attached he is even involving Henry Rollins in the suit, even though he has nothing to do with this. Perhaps he wants Rollins to remove his 4-bar Black Flag tattoo from his ankle.

How punk rock. When the Dead Kennedy’s went to court it was to fight for their rights of freedom of expression/speech and to rally against the evil PMRC; this is just wrong. Nobody cares anymore about Black Flag Mach 2013, anymore? Why not let these old dudes make a few bucks by touring under their old name, huh Ginn, you old crank?