Love From London by Robyn Hitchcock

robynRobyn Hitchcock is one of those “hard to get into but once you’re in you need to collect everything he’s ever done” artists. You need a gateway album to get you hooked, and it’ll be different for everybody. For me, oddly enough, it was 1999’s Jewels For Sophia. That album, for me, contained the perfect balance of weirdness and pop savvy. Yes, there are elements of Syd Barrett and John Lennon, but don’t mistake that for __________, for Hitchcock has his own singular voice. If I had to sum up his music, which is very hard to do, I would say it sounds like late ‘60’s psychedelia fed through a post-punk filter.

His 19 or so proper studio albums have been remarkably consistent, ranging in quality from good to great to classic. His newest, Love From London, is a classic. For an in depth review I would suggest you go visit my friend MARK OVER AT HIS GREAT BLOG MARK MY WORDS. He’s been a fan longer than I and he does a much better job than I could at explaining the intricacies of this marvelous record.

By the way, the cover (one of the best I’ve seen this year) is a perfect representation on what you’ll find when you give this a spin.