Roxy Music

What Roxy Music do you prefer?

Are you one who came late to the game and have a preference for the smooth, discofied new romanticicm of Manifesto, Flesh and Blood or Avalon? Or, do you worship at the alter of the arty, weird and early Eno/Ferry collaborations (the first two LP’s)? Lastly, I suppose one could have an affinity for Roxy’s Middle period, whereby Ferry takes control and attempts, with some fantastic results, to straddle the line between the former and the latter?

My wife is the former. She has little time for Ferry’s early warbling but all the time in the world for songs like My Only Love, Angel Eyes and the entirety of Avalon. Me, I love the first four albums (self titled, For Your Pleasure, Country Life, Stranded), have no time for Siren, Manifesto and Flesh and Blood, save a few songs, and absolutely adore Avalon. Weird, I know, but it is what it is.

The first Roxy song I fell in love with was Do The Strand off For Your Pleasure, but it wasn’t until I heard Avalon, right around when it first came out, that I decided this was a band I wanted to really sink my teeth into. I’ve gone through phases, like most fans, and truthfully I haven’t sat down and listened to Avalon for a very long time, but I can always throw on the debut, or Country Life, and still get a rush.

Nobody then or now sound(ed) like Roxy Music, though many tried. Here are my preferences, in order:

for yourFor Your Pleasure



RoxyMusicRoxy Music

country lifeCountry Life



flesh and bloodFlesh and Blood