Monthly Archive: April, 2013

The Ass End Of The ‘70’s, Volume 1: Billy Joel’s Piano Man

Full disclosure: I actually enjoy me a little BJ from time to time. Oooh, you know what I mean, get your heads out the gutter, sicko’s! Time can be a double edged sword,… Continue reading

A joke, to lighten the mood

Those of you raised in the 1980’s should get this one: Q: What’s grosser than grease on Olivia Newton-John? A: Come on Eileen. Oh come on, that’s funny!  

The Flaming Lips

With a new, proper album out now (The Terror—to be reviewed at a later date) I thought it might be a good idea to edit and re post an old one on one… Continue reading

I have, once more, got some angst in my pants!

Devendra Banhart (not sure if the spelling is right…don’t care, either) is releasing (unleashing?) another album that promises (punishes?) yet more ruminations on unicorns feeding in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park on dandelions… Continue reading


AIR records fascinate me. They always have, how you say, a certain je ne sais quoi about them that makes them eminently enjoyable. “Euro Electronica”, or “Electro Lounge” are two examples of genre… Continue reading

Classic Song Alert! “The Look Of Love (part 1)”

An bit taken from the ongoing discussion over at Popdose as they discuss all of the individual tracks in the 7 disc ’80’s box set entitled The 80’s Pop Culture Box. One of… Continue reading


Effing Suede. Excuse me, forgot where I’m from…effing London Suede. Suede are that rare band that you can love, hate or simply tolerate, and with a new album out after 10 years of… Continue reading

Roxy Music

What Roxy Music do you prefer? Are you one who came late to the game and have a preference for the smooth, discofied new romanticicm of Manifesto, Flesh and Blood or Avalon? Or,… Continue reading

Regions of Light and Sound of God: Jim James

This one’s a grower, and a pretty subtle one at that. I have come to really love this effort by the My Morning Jacket front man, but before I get into the ‘why’… Continue reading