Slaughtering Your Sacred Cow

I think praise is overrated. While I enjoy the validation positive reviews about my favorite band and/or album elicit, I must admit to feeling infinitely more satisfied and downright alive when the discussion moves into heated territory. (“Whadaya mean you think the Boo Radleys masterpiece Giant Steps sucks ass? HEATHEN!!!”) After I kick the guy in the nards and calm down, I realize that a good critical beating, especially of universally agreed upon sacred cows, is good for not only the soul but for ones musical palate. Outright obsession isn’t healthy in the least, and if you call yourself a music snob there is no way in Hell you could defend “You Know My Name (Look up the Number)”, by far the worst song the Beatles ever recorded. And, hey, The Beatles is as good a place to start as any, yeah? If we’re totally honest every Beatles album (bar Revolver…it’s perfect) contains a song or two that’s far from perfect. Some are outright duds, terrible, horrid, stinky…you get the picture. I tend to like way more than I dislike when it comes to this band, but there’s a few I skip. So, other than “You Know My Name…”, here are a couple other songs in the Beatles discography that are fairly crap. Don’t you think?

“Within You Without You”: Never much liked this one, too sitar-y for me. Reeks of faux mysticism.

“All You Need Is Love”: I happen to love Blue Jay Way and Flying from Magical Mystery Tour, but this piece of unmitigated hippie drivel has never, ever been my cup ‘O’ tea.

“Julia”. I know it’s about John’s mummy, but by GOD this is one boring song! At least Revolution #9 doesn’t put me to sleep.

“Side 2 of Yellow Submarine”. Do I even need to explain why?