More Thrift Store Finds!

It’s been well over a month since my last thrift store CD hunt, as the last one yielded some pretty mixed results. I thought I’d give it a bit more time in between visits, to let the well fill up a bit. Believe it or not all of the below finds came from one out of the five stores I went to. The other four sucked.

Gerry_Rafferty_-_City_To_CityGerry Rafferty, City To City: This dude died pretty young, didn’t he? I remember this album, my cousin played the crap out of it when it was released way back in 1978. The hit Baker Street and Right Down The Line are the two I remember, but the whole thing is pretty good, innit? A sight better than anything the Eagles put out, and at least on a par with Steve Miller’s ‘70’s stuff. Other than the typical 70’s airbrushed crotch-shot cover that would grace many a brown Chevy Van, this one’s a winner.

madmanElton John, Madman Across The Water: I have a lot of EJ; everything up to and including Captain Fantastic, with a couple of exceptions: this and the debut (I don’t count the live one or the soundtrack one—can’t be bothered with those). Well, I guess it’s just the debut, then! I like this one, have heard everything off it, just never bothered to pick it up. It has 3 of my favorite John songs on it, too, which makes me wonder why I never bothered to pick it up until I found it here for a buck. I think this is the one album from Elton’s ‘classic’ period that doesn’t quite get the attention it deserves.

depecheDepeche Mode, Some Great Reward: Ah, the wedding album! This is the album that represents the peak of my Depeche Mode fandom and its demise. I played the crap out of it and then promptly lost my faith and devotion for the band. Listening again to it again now I have to say I quite like it, although it sure feels like a transitional album. Bye Bye synth-pop, hello shirtless S&M styled Bonoisms!

watersRoger Waters, Amused To Death: I had never heard this one. I’d heard of it, read that it was his best post-Floyd effort, that Robert Fripp played guitar on it and…have yet to drum up the courage to play it. I’m not in a depressed mood lately and don’t want to bring myself down, which I inevitably always do, when I imbibe in a Waters album. Later.